Doug Davis has served as mayor of Pantego since 2017. He began his career with Pantego as a patrol officer then climbed the ladder to become Chief of Police, Director of Public Safety, Assistant City Manager, Executive Director of the Pantego Economic Development Corporation and City Manager. Here he talks about his love for and thoughts about the future of his hometown.


Arlington Today:  You’ve had quite a history with the Town of Pantego. How has that evolution through the various positions you held previously prepared you to be mayor?

Doug Davis:  Starting out as a patrolman and working my way up as a supervisor, detective, Chief, Director of Public Safety (which included running the Fire Department), Asst. City Manager, City Manager and Executive Director of the Pantego Economic Development Corporation all provided a solid foundation to run for Mayor. If you look at the different positions, each one presented challenges at different levels from just an hourly employee to policy maker. Having experienced the different positions allowed me to better understand the workings of Municipal Government at all levels and identify the needs of the Town, citizens and employees.


AT:  You obviously have deep roots in the town. What makes it special to you?

DD: Pantego is a gem within the Metroplex and provides citizens with great services, low taxes and friendly atmosphere.


AT:  What are some of the highlights during your tenure as mayor?

DD: I think the Park Row project, our bond package that was approved and the business outreach program that I initiated are what I consider some of the highlights or successes during my tenure.


AT:  What are some of the things you’d like to see accomplished in your town in the near future?

DD: Water quality, infrastructure and economic development are priorities for the future, much like at other cities. Currently, we have a water quality study in progress, and, once that is reviewed, then a strategic plan needs to be developed. Water, sewer and street infrastructure studies need to be updated and plans need to be developed. The Council presently and in the future should embrace Economic Development by working closely with the Pantego Economic Development Corporation. Adopting timelines for reviewing and updating studies, identifying priorities and implementing actions within budgetary constraints ensures you are paving the way for the future needs of the Town, citizens and employees.


AT:  Successful mayors always seem to have a solid group of city leaders and citizens who share their vision. Can you talk about that dynamic in Pantego?

DD: I believe the Town Council works closely together to provide the citizens with the best services while maintaining financial stability. This success is due to listening to the older residents and younger generation of citizens who are moving into Town. However, it is our Town employees working with the Council as a team that makes Pantego a great place to live and work.


AT:  This is a great time to live in this region in general. Can you talk about where you think the region is headed in the next decade?

DD: I think Arlington’s Economic Development efforts have provided a catalyst for continued growth within the region, and, fortunately, Pantego greatly benefits from their endeavors. Pantego’s population is approximately 2,700 after 10 p.m. but boasts a daily motoring population of over 100,000. Being only a couple miles from AT&T Stadium, Globe Life Park and Field, Texas Live! and Six Flags places Pantego in an ideal location for continued growth and prosperity. I believe the area will continue to prosper because of the leadership and vision of area City leaders to ensure business opportunities and quality of life for their citizens.


AT:  Your wife Mary frequently cites you as an inspiration for her success as a Pantego business owner. Who are some of your inspirations?

DD: My wife Mary and my boys provided me with the inspiration to succeed in everything I have done.


AT:  Last one: When your time of mayor concludes, how would you like to be remembered?

DD: A Mayor who embraced Economic Development and who thought “Outside the Box” to insure economic health and financial stability.