The Mayor’s crew just grew (by tow)

The newest additions to the Jeff and Karen Williams’ family: Carly and Wade

As exciting as Mayor Jeff Williams’ recent re-election was, it didn’t earn top billing on the list of “Recent Big Moments” for the Mayor and his wife Karen.

“We have had a lot to celebrate in our household lately,” says Jeff. “My oldest daughter, Natalie Williams Pollitte, and her husband, Stephen Pollitte, had their third child on April 5th – Carly Grace Pollitte. They have our twin grandsons, Caleb and Caden, that are four years old.

“My other daughter, Suzanne Williams Taylor, and her husband, Brandon Taylor, had their second child, Wade William Taylor, on April 25th. They also have our two-year-old granddaughter, Kate.

“My son, Ryan Williams, and his wife, Morgan, have our 7-month-old grandson, Nolan Robert Williams. They were excited to be able to watch and get excited about new baby additions rather than having to go through it this go-around.”

The senior Williams notes that the family scene has changed – dramatically – since he first decided to pursue the Mayor position. “When I originally ran for office four years ago, we did not have any grandchildren until the latter part of my first campaign,” he says. “We now have SIX! It has been an exciting and busy time.”

Consequently, this particular Father’s Day will take on special significance at Williams Manor – adding to a legacy that began even as Jeff and Karen were “beginning.”

“Father’s Day is a special time in our family,” the Mayor says. “We have incredible fathers that have paved the way for our family and set incredible examples of how to be great Dads and leaders of our family. It is really special, as well, to watch my children as parents, too. It is truly amazing to see how the Lord has blessed us with wonderful children and see them doing so well and serving as wonderful parents to our grandchildren. I am deeply blessed, and Father’s Day is a great time to celebrate all the memories we have had together and those that we will continue to experience together as a family.”

Jeff says he has so many wonderful memories as a father: “Coaching my kids t-ball, baseball, and softball teams … Swimming and playing water volleyball in the backyard … Taking my kids on camp-outs through the YMCA’s Indian Princess and Indian Guides programs …  All three of my children’s weddings … Snow-skiing with my children each spring break … Trips to Disneyworld – incredible memories … Walking my middle daughter onto the field at Texas Tech University as part of the Homecoming Court …. Going to Disneyworld and seeing my oldest daughter playing a character and watching those kids adore her … Watching my son lead his Christian fraternity in college.”

And now that he’s a grandfather, the memory list continues to grow, as he notes: “Coming home from work and my grand-daughter, Kate, running to the door to greet her ‘Gan-dad’ … Watching my twin grandsons play soccer … My grandson, Nolan, smiling the biggest when he is with his Granddad and always wanting me to hold him … Staying with my daughter and her husband after the arrival of Wade – something special about finishing your day with your little grandson in your arms … Seeing each of my grandchildren dedicated by their parents to be raised in a Christian household and to be taught about Jesus … The activity and noise in our home when all our children, their wonderful spouses, and all our grandchildren are there

“I cannot wait for more to come as each one gets older!”