Timeless Concerts

Here are some principals who make Timeless Concerts a success: post-concert party pianist Erik Barnes, Dennis Hevia, LeeAnne Chenoweth, Paul Brodie, Sharon Holmes, Scott Holmes, Janey Meek, Ruben Duarte, John Meek and Bryan Acosta. (Photo: Timeless Concerts)

Timeless Concerts is unlike anything else you will find in North Texas. Professional musicians perform chamber music in a relaxed atmosphere with genres from classical, contemporary, and international music from piano, strings and vocalists. Concerts are held five times per year, with each concert having a specific theme.

The hour-long concerts are followed by a party accompanied by a pianist, who takes song requests from attendees. Finger foods, dessert and wine are provided during the post-concert party. It is a great opportunity to support the arts while building friendships and potential networking opportunities with other attendees.

Last year, I was invited to attend one of their concerts. After the concert, I was so impressed that I wanted to help the organization and later became a board member. Timeless Concerts is keeping the arts going in Arlington, and its five events are held throughout the year at the Arlington Museum of Art.

LeeAnne Chenoweth, President/Artistic Director of Timeless Concerts, created the organization to both support the arts in Arlington and for community outreach. The mission of the community outreach is to present chamber music of all styles and eras in a casual and engaging environment. It provides education, along with promoting appreciation and support for live classical performances. This is done by providing exciting educational programs in elementary schools, encouraging students to learn more about music, and to those already in orchestra to continue in junior high school.

Timeless Concerts helps build attendance for the future of the performing arts with free education concerts in area schools by serving children who are most likely not given the opportunity to see live concerts. We offer free tickets to those students, so they can enjoy the performing arts.

Timeless Concerts invites you to come to our next concert at 8 p.m. on Sept 21. The theme is “Sergei and the Seasons!,” which will feature songs of Sergei Rachmaninoff, as well as his instrumental music, plus music of Sergei Prokofiev. You can get more information at TimelessConcerts.com.


Paul Brodie is CEO of Brodie Consulting Group, a Book Publishing company based in Arlington and a proud board member of Timeless Concerts.