After growing up performing locally, Lauren Urso is sharing her musical gift globally, thanks to a new virtual studio

Kos-Danchak Aug 2020

Lauren Urso pretty much knew, the first time the spotlight was pointed in her direction on the stage, just what she wanted to be when she grew up. And then she grew up singing right before our eyes.

  In the early days, her parents would transport her from their home in the southwest part of town to perform at Theatre Arlington, CATS, and “Miss Persis’ Dance Studio.” She later wooed crowds at Johnnie High’s Country Music Review at Arlington Hall. She was a multi-year scholarship winner through the musical theatre competition, the Teen Talent Follies, put on by Dance Theatre of Arlington.

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  On April 30, she will be producing and singing in her own cabaret concert, “The First, The Finest and The Fiercest,” at Theatre Arlington once more. And now she owns her own vocal studio, Your Authentic Voice, where she helps others realize their dreams to become a singer, as well.

  It’s not a cliche to say that Urso has always had a song in her heart. She literally has always had a song in her heart.

  “I’ve been singing my entire life,” she says. “My parents have always been my biggest supporters and they enrolled me in local theatre camps and the Texas Girl’s Choir in elementary school. In high school, I started competing in the Texas Music Educators Association All-State Choir Competition and the Teen Talent Follies musical theatre division.”

  By her junior year, she had been awarded first chair across the state in the TMEA All-State Choir Competition and won first place at Teen Talent Follies. Throughout high school, she won various talent scholarships and was accepted to her first-choice college, Oklahoma City University, for two different vocal music degrees.

  “I was so lucky to work with some incredible mentors and teachers throughout high school and college and every small (and big) win helped build my confidence and shaped my journey to where I am now,” she says.

  Where she is now represents, potentially, the biggest stage possible. Your Authentic Voice is a virtual studio, meaning she can work with students from around the globe. She currently has some 30 pupils, from Disney performers to New York and Los Angeles actors to recording artists. She works with them on vocal technique, vocal style, creative interpretation, acting, goal setting, audition prep, and songwriting.

  “As a private voice teacher, I am on a mission to help singers make peace with their mind, body, and voice using a holistic approach combined with evidenced-based vocal techniques,” she says. “I am passionate about healthy cross-genre singing that feels as good as it sounds, authentic artistry, and equipping my students with confidence and know-how. I love the ‘insert speechless shocked face here’ moment after a student hears their voice in a whole new way for the first time. I love celebrating together when huge vocal milestones are achieved. Most of all, I love creating a space where my students feel free to play and explore and be unafraid of failing. Watching my students come into their dreams in big and small ways is undoubtedly one of the greatest joys of my life.”

  She opened the studio in January of 2021, and following a hunch that she could find artists through the use of Instagram, she saw the business immediately started gaining traction (and students) – so much so that she decided to become full-time vocal teacher last July. Now her students find – and keep – the song in their hearts, as well.

  “To me,” she says, “music is the best way to connect with yourself and others.”

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