Bringing the local eatery to you

When you are under the weather, it’s never fun to be out in the weather – especially crummy yo-yoing Texas weather. I found myself in that predicament recently. I had been down and out, health wise, and really not in the mood to venture out for dinner at a local establishment.

But luckily, in this day and age, you can have dinner at a local establishment venture to you.

It has been well established that a lot of chain restaurants have to-go and curbside options, but many people don’t know that local eateries have gotten with the times. Apps like DoorDash, Uber Eats and GrubHub allow smaller operations to branch out and do delivery in Arlington.

And it has just gotten better over the years. Not even four years ago, my options for non-chain food delivered to my door were slim. I was fortunate that one of my favorites, Vietalia Kitchen, was one of them, so I was happy.

But there are days that I don’t really want Vietnamese and/or Italian food. (Vietalia Kitchen is a wonderfully odd restaurant. It’s not a fusion experiment. It is literally Vietnamese food OR Italian food. And I have yet to find something I didn’t like). So I downloaded Uber Eats and DoorDash and GrubHub to peruse the options.

I was impressed.

And then ecstatic, because my all-time favorite Arlington restaurant would be able to deliver their delicious food to my door.

So …

I ordered one of my favorite comfort food meals, the Combo Shawarma Plate from Prince Lebanese Grill.

Want great food from Prince Lebanese Grill? There’s an app for that.

And I didn’t have to leave my pjs to do so (yeah, I was in my jammies before dinner time – don’t judge me, I wasn’t feeling good).

I’m aware, as a reader of Arlington Today, you know that we are fans of Prince Lebanese Grill, so I won’t reiterate how amazing their food is and how they are Food Network veterans and that I would kill for their rice recipe.

But I will add to my list of things that make them awesome is the travelabilty of their food. It made it to my house hot and not jostled around. They even separated my humus and wrapped my extra pita.

It was amazing.

And it hit this ailing columnist’s comfort food spot.

Vietalia always has some great travelabily. And I never got a soggy eggroll – which is my highest worry when it comes to eggrolls.

These food delivery apps cater to fast food places and chain restaurants, but I was happy to see a wide array for local options. I live in North Arlington, and I had the option to order from South Arlington (I’m not brave enough to try, but I like having the option.)

I was happy that though I didn’t want to drag myself out in the world for Shawarma, I was able to get my comfort food meal ordered and sent to me.

Prices on the apps are pretty similar to menu prices, but then you have to deal with a few fees and tipping, so ultimately the meal will cost more. But, if you were like me and want to stay home in jammies, that extra charge is well worth the convenience.

So next time you don’t want to explore Arlington’s dinner scene, but want something local,  maybe give one of those food delivery service apps a try – pajamas optional.