It’s fall, ya’ll

Pumpkin spice latte is overrated. There, I said it, possibly at the risk of offending half of our readership – and pretty much everyone who frequents Starbucks, which, while I’m at it, is overrated, as well.

Please don’t get me wrong; I’m not anti-pumpkin nor java averse. For the record, I consider the former to be the premier edible gourd, and there’s something to be said for a drink that smells so good it begs to be tasted.

I just don’t want to taste it, in pumpkin flavor, at the cost of one share of an Arabica coffee farm in the midst of people who don’t seem put off by the fact that the “Grande” isn’t really grande in Starbuck’s grande scheme – Trenti, Venti’s big brother, is. Of course, if you regularly order the Trenti, you are not just fond of Starbucks; you’re dependent upon it, which likely explains the mass appeal.

But enough about the ridiculous; let’s get to the sublime, which is the ideal word to describe this, the ideal month, of the ideal season, autumn.

As soon as you conclude reading this column, I implore you to immediately look at the thermometer and then to remember what it said two months ago.

Round One: Fall prevails.

Next, those of you who have joined a gym, consider taking a walk or ride that isn’t confined to  the same space over the course of a half hour. Walk or bike along the trails of River Legacy or Oliver Nature or (fill in the blank) parks, and celebrate that you are getting to see the colors of the foliage turning and revel when you are greeted by an array of four-legged park inhabitants taking their own strolls or an assemblage of winged creatures singing their hearts out at the joys of the day.

Round Two: Fall prevails once more.

I checked – there are four Fridays in October. I urge you to spend at least one of them seated in the stands of a local high school football stadium, cheering on the home team. Listen as the band enthusiastically plays the school fight song. Watch as the fans live and die with each turn of the game. Be thankful, especially if you make this trip on the final Friday of October, that you brought your light jacket. Put it on and smile and know that what you’re experiencing is special – and brought to you by autumn.

Finally, as you walk out to the car to begin your morning commute one day this month, take a deep breath and fervently inhale the crisp air. Spring brings those in breezes that can blow your hat off; fall is so much more subtle in its ability to refresh. Be refreshed.

And then drive to Starbucks and drink your pumpkin latte. Because it’s autumn, I won’t even be tempted to take you to task.

Yale Youngblood, Editor