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This month’s Arlington Today is something of a milestone issue, given that it was in September of 2013 that I had the honor here of introducing this publication to the city and region. Raise your hand if you remember that the great Nolan Ryan graced our first cover. Keep it up if you remember that the Dallas Cowboys Cheerleaders were principals on the second.

  For those keeping score at home, we’ve published 92 covers since those two, in addition to literally thousands of ensuing pages celebrating this wonderful town and area. As was the case in every predecessor, this month’s edition is chock full ‘o revelry.

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  For example, if you got to this page by way of the cover, you saw us celebrating one of the more pertinent and sophisticated health care providers in the country: Urology Partners of North Texas. I can personally vouch for the physicians and support personnel there; they literally helped me survive cancer.

  But they are not alone among the reasons I’m particularly proud to be a part of this issue. Among the 94 editions we’ve produced, this might be the one I would urge the kids to take to school on “Show and Tell” day. Here’s why I like it so:

  • If you turn to the next left-hand page, you’ll discover that Arlington’s Sandra Brown probably doesn’t have many regrets about her career choice. Her newest novel is the 73rd to make the New York Times Best Seller list.
  • A few pages later, you’ll see that we noted that another local icon, Mission Arlington Director Tillie Burgin, has received a well-deserved service award.
  • Thereafter, we share important happenings in local business and art, from the exciting prospective revitalization of Historic Downtown Mansfield to renovations going on at Theatre Arlington to ensure that the curtain literally rises on a new era in the arts.
  • You might have noticed a photo of a motorcycle on the Table of Contents page just prior to this one. The Indian 14 we feature in our “Behind the Wheels” story this month is the oldest of its kind in the world.
  • What’s among the newest of its kind in the world is the news that UTA just earned Texas Tier One designation. You’ll have a finger and a thumb left over if you count the other state institutions in this elite club. Speaking of elite, the Arlington Fire Department qualifies. In one of our Scenes (page 52) you’ll see why.
  • There’s plenty more, to boot, but I probably should let you mine the rest of the gold yourself. Besides, I need to start thinking about issue No. 95. It has some big shoes to fill.